Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Eisenlager - Himmelholzsteg 4_HCR 2016 on Hortus Conclusus Records - June 8, 2016


Himmelholzsteg 4 it’s undoubtly a powerful album and Eisenlager aka Norbert Kutz, (this time in collaboration with several wonderful artists such Dawn Tuesday, Damien Olsen, Lutz Thuns, Christian Fiesel, IDTAL, Ronald Oliveira, Russell Laing, Leon C, Vava Vol and Misterciapica DJ) approaches it with pure conviction. The music is what we’ve come to expect from the project: dark, cloistered atmospheres, a glimpse of intelligent irony and hypnotic rhythm delivered with intent and abandon. It’s a recognizable sound, central to which has been a back-to-basics sound palette and a decidedly lo-fi smear. During the flow of the listening experience the clouds part somewhat, but just barely. There is a greater use of effects, extensive use of glitch, and “cleaner” electronic lines cut through the filth. The results are slightly more polished than the soot-ridden atmosphere of previous outings (probably due to the "sonic hands" of the artists involved), but Eisenlager's followers needn’t worry as there is still a huge personal imprinting to be had in spades, and an organic, visceral presence so many other projects fail to achieve.

It was great working with you on Track #6, Eisenlager!

Track List

01 Himmelholzsteg 19 #feat (eisenlager) (Damien Olsen) (Dawn Tuesday) (Lutz Thuns) (Christian Fiesel) 13:05
02 Himmelholzsteg 20 #feat (eisenlager) (MISTERCIAPICA DJ) (Lutz Thuns) 07:07
03 Himmelholzsteg 21 #feat (eisenlager) (my Son Leon C.) 03:33
04 Himmelholzsteg 22 #feat (eisenlager) (Ronald Oliveira) (Russell Laing as 0ther) 07:48
05 Himmelholzsteg 23 #feat (eisenlager) (IDTAL Eugene R. Speciale) 12:38
06 Himmelholzsteg 24 #feat (eisenlager) (Vava Vol) 04:39
07 Himmelholzsteg 4. Complete Session 47:32

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