Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My New Album "The Veil" - January 19, 2018

I am pleased to release my first album of 2018 titled "The Veil", now available on Bandcamp for purchase/streaming.

While composing "The Veil", I have allowed the intuitive personality and voice of each synthesizer to express their drones and soft noises while guiding me through the creative process of composing each musical piece. There are no pre or post-production special sound effects, change pitch, sound editing, samples, excessive compression or noise reduction utilized on this album. On the contrary, in order to preserve the synth-soul of each instrument and while programming their sounds, I have encouraged each synth's voice to sing and shine through as they were originally designed to do.

Composed on the ARP Odyssey Mk 1 Model 2800 Electronic Music Synthesizer, DSI Mopho, Korg Vocoder.

Field recordings are static from a 70s vintage portable TV and reverb from a Yamaha guitar amp.

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