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Free Downloads on My Bandcamp Site - January 26, 2019

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Friday, 25 January 2019

Producer & Solo Musical Artist Friends of Mine - January 25, 2019

Since activating my G+ account in 2013, I've met many musical artists who have inspired and hypnotized me with their individual non-conformist personas and musical styles.  More importantly, together we have become a family of raw talent solo artists, supporting and encouraging each other as we succumb to a driving need to express ourselves through our music. Many of us connected on the now-defunct Midnight Radio Compilation project spearheaded by Glasklinge Zeitenlicht (aka Dr. Drone/Eisenlager) and continue to actively collaborate on each other's projects today.

Dear friends, we are linked by our desire to create music beyond traditional outmoded boundaries, using our fearless approach as a tool to experiment with our instruments, voices and soundscape techniques in our own unique ways.  We create music for ourselves and our fans and listeners, many of us offering you a free download/name your price option on our Bandcamp sites.

My creative spark is ignited by unexpected external influences ... Ω ... a visual, a sound, a thought, an emotion, a feeling, a word, a touch, a dream, a ghostly shadow, my deep intuition, astral travel, conversations with the Divine, or accessing the Akashic records on the etheric plane ...Ω ...  There is nothing more satisfying than working this way and answering only to the Higher Self. 

That said, have a listen to "Producer & Solo Musical Artist Friends of Mine" displayed below.  Enjoy the journey everyone and make listening to music a part of your daily ritual!


EISENLAGER - "E, You never cease to amaze me how you manage all your collaboration and solo projects. pumping out awesome soundscapes every week! You connected me to your hub a long time ago and I've learned so much from you.  You hold the key to my musical heart!" - Vava

Dr. Drone, Diaries of an Emo Outcast Junkie since 2000 and avantgarde
experimental soundmaker from Dortmund, Germany.

P'LIKE - "Dear Em, I discovered you on the Midnight Radio Compilation and have followed you ever since. You are a beautiful, strong soul and your exquisite angelic voice and other-worldly trip hop beats & soundscapes shall haunt me forever!" - Vava

Plike is the brainchild of Mad Madam Em,an electronic music producer & composer
hailing from Champaign, Illinois, USA

LUTZ THUNS - "Your musical compositions transport me far beyond the Milky Way, into another dimension, perhaps a past life, perhaps a future one, where I gaze into space as I float in my own surround sound space capsule of Lutz Thuns music." - Vava

From Berlin, Germany Lutz Thuns creates ambient/electronic music
 on digital & analog synthesizers and 
is also an accomplished photographer. 
Lutz also runs the show at Friends of Ambient.

OPEN STRUM - "I was immediately hooked when I first listened to "Lion's Drum" on your G+ profile page and am blown away with everything you produce.  You exude happiness and a positive vibe which shine brightly through your music!" - Vava

A bilingual musical artist from Moncton, New Brunswick, Open Strum
features Michel Goguen, a musician and founder of the 
"Music for Critters" fundraiser to help animal rescues,
shelters and environmental non-profits.

ORK WURZEL - "What first attracted my attention to you was your G+"eyeball" post and since then we have become fast and dear friends, sharing our passion for offbeat and obscure music." - Vava

In addition to his musical acumen with respect to all that is 
obscure, disturbing and verboten, 
Ork is an accomplished French musician and videographer.

MAX SCORDAMAGLIA - "I first became acquainted with your experimental music on "Midnight Radio Compilation" and I continue to listen to your new releases.  I love the way you master drones, repetition, static noises, field recordings and sound collages into a symphony that only you can create." - Vava 

From Modena, Italy, Massimiliano Scordamaglia is an audiodrone creator for aleatory songs, 
a noise investigator and electronic surfer.

experiMENTALien  "Your 40-minute longform compositions are unique in that each project has a specific intent and direction that draw me into a deep space sleepdream where cold forlorn sounds are the cold dark ambience." - Vava

l.v. Martinez aka experiMENTALien 
is an Experimental Music producer from Slovakia.

M.NOMIZED  "Michel, it's just incredulous to comprehend your life's body of work beginning in the early 80s and continuing into the 21st Century.  You are the guiding light of "dedication and the distribution of musical forms without distinction, including minimalist and electro accoustic".  It's an honor to know you!" - Vava

Born in Paris in 1958, M. Nomized is a musician, composer, author, poet 
& graphic artist who began sound research & contemporary music in 1972.
Michel is the founder of Fraction Studio Label.

ARTSAVA "You are such a talented soul and I so appreciate your strong music and eclectic images that get my heart pounding and my blood flowing.” - Vava

From Moscow, Russia, ARTSAVA creates an eclectic collage 
of rhythms, sounds and thought-provoking images
 using YouTube as his preferred media platform.

7SOUNDBOX “I discovered your music on G+ and love your sophisticated techno sound, minimal melodic melodies, smooth rhythms and subtle musical nuances.” - Vava

Minimal, Tech house and producer from Paris, France.
The only truth is  music.

PAT MASSON (SYLPHIDES) "Your creative energy and drive with the Sylphides, GodHatesGod Records, Sylphides Blog, YouTube Channel, your solo projects and so much more is astounding.  You certainly have your finger on the pulse!" - Vava

Belgian musical artists Pat Masson & Laurence Lemoine (Sylphides) create electronic, 
ambient, trip hop experimental music using synthesizers, programs, electronic treatments, guitar, bass, violin, voices, electronic & human percussions, guitar FX and noises.  
Pat is the founder of GodHatesGod Records Netlabel.

PLEASE NOTE:  It's official! The drop dead date for our beloved G+ is now April 2, 2019. Please feel free to contact me at if you're looking for track submissions to your collab project, any other interesting ideas you would like to share or to just catch up and "chew the fat".  Keep in touch!

Copyrights to all images and linked music remain vested with its respective owners.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Gaucher et Dorion 2018 - January 11, 2019


The October-November 2018 show of Yves Gaucher and Pierre Dorion 
exhibited their early works dating back to the late 1980s to the early 1990s at René Blouin Fine Art Gallery in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Vue d’installation – 1989 – 1991 
Photo Guy L’Heureux

Vue d’installation – 1989 – 1991 
Photo Guy L’Heureux

Vue d’installation – 1989 – 1991 
Photo Guy L’Heureux

Sans Titre - Pierre Dorion - 1988
Photo Guy L’Heureux

Eurythmie –  Pierre Dorion -1989
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay

Porte de Baroncelli-Javon  - Pierre Dorion - 1989
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay

Vollaire-Briançon – Pierre Dorion - 1989
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay
Menzel – Pierre Dorion – 1989
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay

Monday, 31 December 2018

My Retrospective: Looking Back on 2018 - December 31, 2018

Greetings and thanks for stopping by to check out my 2018 retrospective!  I wish you a very Happy New Year and may all your hopes, aspirations and dreams come true this 2019!

This summer, I decided to take a break from music production and get back into urban exploration, an activity which I pursued in Montreal and West Berlin back in the 80s and again in the mid-2000s.  Adding photography to my mental list of passions adds a nice balance to producing experimental electronic music, making videos, blogging, web design, collecting fine vintage costume jewellery, accessories, period clothing, hardcover books, vinyl, CDs, furniture and many other items I so enjoy hunting for!

I've always loved photography, either being in front or behind the camera.  So, after joining the G+ "Abandoned in Time" community last November, I was fortunate to meet and friend many like-minded photo buffs who shared a special interest in diverse and eclectic takes on all that is "abandoned". Back in the 80s, I was already on the hunt for all things deserted, my most memorable explorations being a WWII underground bunker hidden away beneath the city center of then-West Berlin and a deserted manufacturing factory in Montreal's east end.  

This summer, having once again been bitten by the urbex bug, I packed up some snacks and my digicams and took off once in search of some deserted buildings, historic sites, wall art, tear downs, and anything else that caught my eye.  Everywhere I looked, there was an image just waiting to be captured. One day while out on a shoot, I struck gold taking several images within a 4 block radius.  What an inspiring, unexpected visual treasure trove! 

Ansel Adams
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Helmut Newton
Dorothea Lange
Man Ray
Andy Warhol
David LaChapelle
Martin U Waltz

Deserted Buildings in Montreal (2)
Montreal’s 1950s Conveyor Quay
Other Deserted Buildings, Places and Rusted Objects
Deserted Buildings in Montreal (3)
Ties, Tracks and Tunnels
Other Deserted Buildings, Doors and Antique Objects
Cool Wall Art I Photographed This Summer
80-Year Old Church Makes Way for Micro-Suite Highrise
Deserted Buildings and Other Historic Sites in Montreal
Other Deserted Buildings, Historical Landmarks & Antique Objects

Too Much TV
Never For Certain
Evening Dune
Tales of Dreams
A Faint Image
On and Off
When Time Stands Still
Die Mauer
The Apparition
A Calm Stroll

The Veil
Mangod (Teaser)

Friends of Ambient 27 – “Never for Certain” with Lutz Thuns
GodHatesGodRecords – Anti:form Compilation No. 4 – “Antithétique”
Vava Vol & Eisenlager – “Mitte Kreuzberg” on Studio 4632 Netlabel
Friends of Ambient 28 – “The Apparition” with Lutz Thuns
Studio 4632 Net Label - Vava Vol & Eisenlager – Half Truths/Halbe Warhheiten – Update 2018 
Friends of Ambient 29 – “Daydreams” with Lutz Thuns
Studio 4632 Net Label - Rückkopplung - Collaborations from the Past - Vava Vol & Eisenlager

"Herewith another Vava Vol/Eisenlager collaboration album.  This latest release is a re-release done especially for Studio 4632.  Previously released on Hortus Conclusus Records. Half Truths is an abstract; an experimental, avant garde electronic collection.  Several tracks are borderline noise genre, but within music.  Overall an interesting mix with music and precision beats mingled in a cacaphony of sounds. Enjoy!” – Candy Lozier for Studio 4632 Netlabel

"This collaboration from Eisenlager and Vava Vol is some of the best experimental ambient electronic I have heard.  Eisenlager has been on an incredibly creative roll.  He and Vava Vol have totally complementary styles on this one.  An excellent example of where music can go and still have us eagerly in tow.  This album is about movement and people and time and memory.  A synaesthetic journey, done in a magical experimental style.  A chronology, maybe.  I would say that the tracks are carefully placed in order, maintaining a nice balance between the tones and tempos.  The album also incorporates threads of different styles nicely.  The overall feeling is mellow.  A great listen.  A great album.  Enjoy "Mitte Kreuzberg."  Candy Lozier for Studio 4632 Netlabel

"Having walked the whole length of this dammed  mauerreste in Berlin, the abbau der Berlin under noch sichtbare reeste in der Berliner innenstadt...this is the perfect soundscape! Favourite track: Die Mauer" - j er ich

“I love this—I am a bit of a loss for words, as it evokes so much—so many classic sounds, so many classic pieces, are hinted at in my mind as I listen, yet this is quite unique—many thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed this.” –David Paganin on “Zoostation”

My Guide to Natural Health – A Natural Health Bible – Dr. Jean-Marc Brunet
Acupressure Yoga and You – Louise Taylor & Betty Bryant
Louise Hay – Heal Your Body – The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome them
10,000 Dream Interpreted – Pamela Ball
The Serenity Runes – Five Keys to the Serenity Prayer – Ralph H. Blum
The Book of Runes & Runes – Ralph Blum
Handy Healing Tea Tree Oil – Joyce Johnson ND
The Chakra Bible – Patricia Mercier
Betty Bethards The Dream Book – Symbols for Self Understanding
The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga – Swami Vishnudevananda