Monday, 24 February 2014

Experimental sound artist Glasklinge Zeitenlicht keeps underground music alive and best of all, free!

“Music of Midnightradio11 is subject to no form and no rule established by me.  It happens in the moment that it happens.  It... is not being formed in my head in advance.  It is formed during creation.  Midnightradio11 and Eisenlager are the two projects I have been pursuing since the year 2000.  The sounds that evolve during creation reflect my humor, my fear, my life experiences and current events."...

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned master in the appreciation of industrial experimental music, Dark Ambient & Electric Sounds international avant-garde music is not only a delightful blog where you can discover free legal mp3 downloads, but also get an audio education on the wonderful world of Ambient, Electronic, Experimental and Industrial music.  Sub-genres such as atmospheric, coldwave, dark ambient, downtempo, trip, lo-fi, jazz, drum‘n bass, breaks, dubstep, EBM, ethereal, field recordings post-metal, ambient rhythmic ambient, shoegaze, dream rock and synthwave aptly reflect the music they represent.  Accompanying LP cover arts are creative, innovative, unique and thought-provoking, expressing each artist’s unique image and headspace.  

Mutation - glasklinge zeitenlicht

It began in 2000 in Dortmund, Germany with “Eisenlager” followed-up in 2003 by a free mp3 download portal and the 2008 free music only atonal experimental electronisch blog “Midnight Radio11”.   In 2013, Midnight Radio Compilation began releasing monthly high quality mp3 and FLAC format albums picked from DA&ES's extensive artist catalogue.  To date, MRC is at its twenty fifth issue including four personal Glasklinge samplers and a new release is set for the end of February.  Take the time to read the artist bios and enter into their sometimes dark but always intriguing audio visual world of experimental music. 

Everything you need to get going is on the left-hand sidebar, from an extensive artist A-Z index and external links to an eclectic catalogue (“Kategorien”), which is a nice mix of bands and duo/solo artists, many of whom are unsigned and self-produced.  This guy really knows what he’s doing and is way ahead of the curve!  Since 2000, he has been passionately sourcing the web for wonderful free music from all corners of the globe and the results do not disappoint!  Subscribe to his blog and you can start your day listening to new arrivals as they load up into your in-box.  It is a truly enjoyable site to explore and is Glasklinge Zeiteinlicht's legacy to the world to “save and spread the underground”.