Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Roxy Music - The Thrill Of It All - Disc 2

Part of a 4-CD compilation box set, “Roxy Music – The Thrill of it All (2)” is a visual history of the band’s 1979-1982 promo music vids, British TOTP and German TV appearances and clips from their Frejus, France 1982 live show. 

I was more serious before I joined the band.” – Andy Mackay

Secretly, I wanted to look like Jimi Hendrix but I could never quite pull it off.” – Bryan Ferry

Slick dance moves, shiny suits, skinny ties, high heeled boots, 70s quiffs and coifs, subtle makeup and nail polish all formed part of art rock band Roxy Music’s trademark look during this period.  Throughout the well-filmed promo and live music videos of “Roxy Music – The Thrill of It All (2)”, there are close-ups of the sharp-suited, lanky, handsome Ferry crooning his love songs (sometimes singing a verse or two in French) and the suave, duck-walking Andy McKay wailing away on his saxophone, oboe and other horn instruments.  Not to forget Graham Simpson on bass, Phil Manzanera on guitar, Paul Thompson on drums and percussion and Eddie Jobson on synth and violin (Eno had left the band by then), this full spectrum of instruments gave Roxy their inimitable and unique sound.  The set décors were characteristic of the late 70s/early 80s and the close-ups of the musicians playing their instruments were exquisite.  It was a real pleasure viewing these vintage videos and is a note-to-self why I am still enamored by Roxy Music.  I have a new-found appreciation for their incredible legacy. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kreativephasen Berlin's "Untitled Short Set VII Featuring Tracks From MidnightRadio

Have a listen to Kreativephasen’s latest release “Untitled Short Set VII" Featuring Tracks From MidnightRadio”.  From the Intro to the Outro, “Untitled” is a seamless mix of some of the best music by MRC’s artists.  Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Time Out For Fun with Devo

I recently re-watched this 1993 "Devo - the Complete Truth About De-Evolution" and absolutely loved it all over again.  Not only do you get 20 of their best feature vids and special live footage of early gigs, but commentaries by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Vasale, an interview with Director Chuck Statler and the Bruce Conner film "Mongoloid".  A pleasant fast-rewind of this post modernist protest band's legacy.

Here are a few of my favorite videos from the DVD.