Friday, 28 August 2015

Duotang (Vava Vol and Xavier DeMusin (Bisson) Live at the Pyramid Club, NYC, 1983

These timeless live shots of Duotang were taken as we opened for the sultry chanteuse Yvel Champagn at the Pyramid Club in 1983.  Beautifully photographed by Jacques Perron, they evoke images of a minimalistic electronic underground show in a stark nightclub that could have taken place any time anywhere.

Thank you to Jacques Perron for capturing the moment, Erik Cimon for unearthing these gems and of course to my Duotang musical partner, Xavier DeMusin.

If anyone has a professional video, photos or a live sound recording of this 1983  Duotang show, kindly contact me at Thanks.

Photos copyright © Jacques Perron 1983.  All rights reserved.