Sunday, 26 April 2015

Google's Abbey Road Virtual Interactive Tour Is So Worth It

Right from the get-go when the rows of lights are switched on in Studio 1 and the background soundtrack begins, Google’s Abbey Road Virtual Interactive tour is pure awesomeness.  With descriptions of the evolution of each studio, its instrument acoustics, individual vast studio mic collections and discographies of famous artists who have recorded there, your attention is captivated and enticed.  If you take your time and experience the history and magic of each studio, the tour can take a few hours.  There are lots of videos of live studio performances by well-known artists and cool black and white photos of the Beatles’ early recording sessions.  Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Oasis, Elton John and Gary Bardon, Amy Winehouse with Tony Bennett, Adele and Sam Smith are just a handful of stars who recorded at Abbey Road.  Vintage studio items include Mrs. Mills’ Steinway and the microphone for the original King’s Speech, among numerous others.  I particularly liked Studio 3, Abbey Road’s 1980 Sale of the Century (where a lucky musician purchased a Mellotron for $1,000£!), the Mirror Room which is full of 80s drum kits and the vintage collection of mixing consoles, ADT double tracking machines , REDD.51, echo chambers and BDR/studio tape machines.  But without giving everything away, I highly recommend taking the tour.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Post Punk Oddities Latest Finds

Been awhile since I’ve checked in with my favorite site Post Punk Oddities.  It’s good to see they’re still regularly updating the site with wild and wonderful obscurities.  See the latest additions to their extensive repertoire and for those who are not familiar with PPOdd, you can view their entire catalogue of rare and obscure late 70s and early 80s music at the links below.

Latest updates:

PPOdd catalogue:

And now for some of my very favourites from the latest finds.  Let's get started!

From the rich new wave scene of former Yugoslavia comes this Slovenian minimal synth punk outfit, combining coldwave spoken word and harsh keys.


Spoken word / minimal synth obscurity from the UK, a voice listing fading stars, a 7” single lost forever.

One of the lesser known bands from the Club Foot / Subterranean Records family, yet another great example of cabaret art-jazz-punk.
The Varve were an arty postpunk all-female quintet from Colorado, recording in San Francisco. Jazzy basses, alto-sax new-waveness, minimal rhythms, they sound a bit like a milder Liliput.
Absolutely unique electro quartet that were as seminal in their sound as they were the fathers of novelty-style performance-pop.
Pink Industry was the second name of the band that was put together after Pink Military took a more dancy direction. Their tunes are like a catchier version of Danielle Dax, however they were not particularly successful.
Possibly the strangest work recorded to do with space from a member of The Homosexuals and the strange DIY “it’s a war, boys” label. Cosmic collages in which aliens are contacted via messthetics garage recording rooms.
Cosmic disco meets spoken word in the beautiful early work of Dorothe Max Prior for the legendary Industrial Records. The musicians on this pop single include Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson.
Simple but effective minimal synth pop in the usual style of the less mainstream ends of the NDW.
Another John Peel favourite, the Distributors from Yorkshire released only a few songs, but ones that capture perfectly late-70s angst about technology taking over. The prolific Steve Bersford was also a member.
All rights of material republished/linked belong to the bands, labels, photographers.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

MidnightRadio Compilation - Artist Album Cover Art - March 2015

Here's some of my fave artists' album cover art from recent MidnightRadio Compilations.  Enjoy!   

The SKIP - Fancy Style

CorvusMukuro Proyect - Qanta poem

delaytape - haunted house

Extacy - Kill A DJ

Morogh - Anam


Proyecto Lazarus - Lost In Time

StarSpaceDrive - COUCH SHIP

Sylphides - Cowboy Ninja