Sunday, 30 March 2014

In September 2012, I posted a critique here on the Berlin blog PostPunkOddities.

Always on the hunt for obscure music gems and rarities, I recently happened across, a site which gives a nod to the excellent PPodd.  For those of us who were there and new fans of this genre of music, you will definitely enjoy what rateyourmusic’s Wardruna list has to offer.  There was so much indy music in the air then that one could not possibly keep up with every new emerging group, so here’s another site that shines the light on other odd or unique post-punk artists who were hugely influential during the late 70s and early 80s.  If you lived and breathed those times like my generation did you’ll recognize a lot of these bands.  As you scroll through the list, memories of wildly pogo dancing to these bands on club dancefloors or live in small, jammed, sweaty clubs flood your mind. 

Please note this list and discography of each artist does not expand to include vids, bios or external links but if you do a little digging you’ll find most of them on music sites and YouTube.  Let's keep this great music alive!

Here’s a couple of cool discoveries I found on YouTube: