Saturday, 18 January 2020

Dharma - January 18, 2020

"Dharma" is that which prevents a person from falling
which lifts the person who has fallen"

             - Krishnamacharya

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

Monday, 13 January 2020

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - The Blood of a Poet I - January 13, 2020

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt's 'The Blood of a Poet I' 
Live, October 2019

'My performance of a poem I had written especially for this event 
titled Children of The Millennium ' - Sean Marquardt

Friday, 10 January 2020

Bjork - hunter (HD )- January 10, 2020

Watch Bjork's timeless 'hunter' in HD!
What an exquisite video!

'I thought I could organise freedom
How Scandinavian of me"

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

My Retrospective - Rewind 2019 - January 01, 2020

Whoever penned the phrase ‘time flies’ wasn’t kidding.  So, I looked it up online and it appears the earliest American appearance in print is 1710 in ‘Mayflower Descendant.’  The idea was first expressed by Virgil (70-19 B.C), who wrote in the ‘Aeneid’: Fugit inreparabile tempus’ (Time is flying never to return)…”.  A short and amusing anecdote I might add!

My big 2019 highlight was going Live on Google Search.  After the demise of Google Plus in April 2018, I wanted to replace it with something new and refreshing and Google Live made the cut.  Their toolbox is full of amazing apps to help you promote yourself (and your friends) and I like how Google shows my real time traffic on my SERPs. I'm totally satisfied with the choice I made.   

After doing a pre-2020 mental disk clean up, filing my 2019 folder under 'Fabulous' and reducing the degree of fragmentation in my brain by defragging for optimum performance, I'm on for 2020!  Catch me if you can!

Photo by Vortex © 2019


Malaise (Remix with Voice)
The Red Drum (2019) Soundtrack
Vava Vol & Lutz Thuns - The First Canto for Friends of Ambient 30
What Love Can Undo for YouTube


Artificial Intelligence – Vava Vol & Eisenlager on Attenuation Circuit
Best of Vava Vol - 2013 to 2015
The Soul Dissolves - 5 track EP
My Coda
The Forward Way


Thought Retrieval
Echoes in A-Flat
My 1989 Red Drum Performance at Foufounes Electriques
The Soul Dissolves
No Escaping It
Vava Vol & Zilon Lazer Live at Foufounes 1984 (Full)
The Goldilocks Zone
What Love Can Undo
En Deuil
A Soft Place To Land
Out of Body

Photo by Vortex © 2019


My Retrospective – Looking Back on 2018 – December 31, 2018
Producer & Solo Artist Friends of Mine – January 25, 2019
Pagan Gurus Record Launch – May 8, 2019
‘Malaise’ Remix with Voice – March 5, 2019
Thank you to the Pagan Gurus – May 11, 2019
Experimental Sound Artist Glasklinge Zeitenlicht – Keeps Underground Music Alive and Best of all Free
Stonerpop’s “Apollo” Release December 20, 2019 – February 22, 2019
Fred Acquaviva’s News #64 – February 3, 2019
My new album “Anima” – April 28, 2019


Black Gloves, My First Scan Art Series Project
Zilon au Diamant
Look to the Skyes on Soundcloud
Summer British Car Show
My photo shoot for “Psychic Zone”
Vava Vol Music for Yoga and Meditation
My Bandcamp Site
Lutz Thuns ‘Friends of Ambient #30’
My blog Vavaland
My album “Oneness”
Feature on Lutz Thuns
Feature on Eisenlager
Zilon at Ecomusée
Vava & Zilon at Foufounes 1984 108
My first post on Google Live – My latest videos 


My Glass Eye Lens
Farewell to the G+ Community 'Abandoned in Time'
My Spring Street Art Photos
Natural History Hall at the RAM
Summer Street Art Photos
Honda Motorcycles of the 70s and 80s
In the Fields at the Reynolds
A Day at the Reynolds Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame
The Black Gloves Scan Art Series
The Black Gloves Scant Aart Series 2
Canadian Winter Wonderland
Cha Cha Heel & Choker


Health and Healing in Yoga – The Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram 2000)
Search for the Soul in Everyday Living – The Mother (Lotus Press 1990)
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry – The Mother (1928)
Yoga for Women - Nancy Phelan & Michael Volin (S. Paul 1963)
Fitness Through Yoga - M Singh, L.K. Govindarajulu, H.V. Dhanaraj (1992)


He who meditates thus becomes radiant, endowed with good appetite, reaches the full length of life, lives gloriously, becomes great with offspring and great also with fame and shines with the holy effulgence.

The signs of perfection in yoga are the body becomes lean, the speech becomes eloquent, the inner sounds are heard distinctly, the eyes are clear and bright, the body is freed from all diseases, the seminal fluid is concentrated, the digestive fire is increased and the nadis are purified.


Fred Acquaviva, Lutz Thuns, Pat Masson & Sylphides, Eisenlager, Open Strum, Zilon,  France Cantin, Pierre Marc DesJardins (ArtMotion), Pierre Dorion, Vortex, Alan Lord & the Pagan Gurus, Stonerpop, Plike, Candy Lozier, Abi Norman, 7Soundbox, Puppy Bordiga, John 3:16, Sean Marquardt, Friends of Ambient, everyone who contributed their awesome photos to the Abandoned in Time Google Plus Community, Google Plus, Google Live, outdoor physical exercise, Hatha yoga, meditation, prayer, pranayama, the Ha, asanas, mantras, mudhras and vegetarianism, the Headstand, the Shoulder stand,  & the Plough, Palo Santo, the Unknowable aka the cosmic power of fate, the Rune Stones and Cards and the Supreme Puissancw.  You keep me going!

Photo by Vortex © 2019
Google Live