Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story (2001) - June 13, 2018

The late Syd Barrett was a major cult figure and rock music legend.  The charismatic and brilliant guitarist of the early Pink Floyd, he created a unique psychedelic sound and wrote wonderfully eccentric songs including the hits "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play", plus albums tracks like "Bike" and "Astronomy Domine".  Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd in 1968 when his increasingly erratic behavior made his continued participation in the band impossible, and after two extraordinary solo albums he disappeared from music altogether.   Pink Floyd went on to worldwide fame but the absent Syd remained painfully present in the music and lyrics most notably in the classic "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" from "Wish You Were Here".  “The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story” tells the full bizarre, tragic but also celebratory story of Syd Barrett with contributions from all the members of Pink Floyd plus friends, managers and lovers. Bonus material includes extended interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Robyn Hitchcock. - Otmoor Productions Ltd. BBC  2001

Monday, 4 June 2018

Marilyn Donadt's Sound Sculpture 'The Wing' - June 04, 2018

Marilyn Donadt performing a 12:19 version of her Sound Sculpture 'The Wing'.

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Thanks to Ork Wurzel.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Ties, Tracks and a Tunnel - June 1, 2018

A recent urbex reveals a stack of rotting railway ties, tracks leading into the blackness of a lone tunnel, graffiti stained concrete walls, an oddly walled off door and light at the end of it all.

All photos by Vava Vol © 2018

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Friends of Ambient # 28 - May 21, 2018

Please welcome Friends of Ambient #28 released today!
Album cover by Lutz Thuns

Have a listen to "The Apparition" 
my track with Lutz on Friends of Ambient #28!
Artwork by Thierry Desclez 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Frédéric Acquaviva - News #59 – May/June 2018 - May 15, 2018

News #59 May/June 2018 includes a book of 120 scores published by Les Presses du Réel and Al Dante, exhibitions at Musée Le Carroi, Chinon and MAC, Pérouges plus a presentation at the Tate Modern and a concert at Iklectik in London.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Suzanne Ciani - Italian American Pianist, Composer and Sound Designer - May 12, 2018

"Suzanne began her life with music at the age of seven when her mother brought home a collection of classical albums from a neighborhood fire sale. As the third of six children in a busy suburban household near Boston, Suzanne found her own space by teaching herself to play the piano and to read music.

As an undergraduate at Wellseley College, Suzanne began dividing her time between performance and composition. She also began her fascination with technology when one of her classes took a field trip to nearby M.I.T., where a professor demonstrated his early attempts to make a computer produce the sound of a violin. Upon graduation, she went to the University of California at Berkeley to continue her studies in composition. She received her Masters Degree in composition there, but more importantly, at nearby Stanford University and Mills College, she met three of the founders of electronic music: John Chowning, Max Matthews and Don Buchla.

Suzanne became entranced with the ability to produce music with a machine, and she became a devotee of synthesizers for the next two decades. She has often joked that for at least ten years she was essentially married to her Buchla synth, and in fact she did leave the massive machine running for months at a time, programming it to compose and play endless compositions.

Suzanne believes that the synthesizer should follow its own course as an instrument, but her position ultimately lost out to those who wanted simple machines that duplicated the sounds of other instruments and had preset voices. As this change in the world of electronic music and instruments came about, Suzanne found herself returning to classical instrumentation in support of her melodies, culminating in her Grammy-nominated album for piano and orchestra, "Dream Suite." This same sensibility is evident in "Pianissimo II" and "Turning" as well." - Discogs

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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Open Strum's new instrumental "Rising Eagle" Featuring Jared Scharff - April 29, 2018

Open Strum features Michel Goguen, a multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.  He writes rock and world music using open tunings on guitar which allow him to create multi-layered sounds.  Open tunings were made popular by artists like Jimi Page, Joni Mitchell and Keith Richards.  Michel loves to collaborate with local and international artists and teams up with other musicians for his songs.

For example, the new single “Lover’s Lane”, produced by Sebastien Michaud (les Païens), features a duet with Rosie Laricchiuta (la Voix).  His recently released single “Rising Eagle” features Jared Scharff (lead guitarist on Saturday Night Live) and Danny Bourgeois on drums.

A recent honor for Open Strum happened when the song “Amour en majuscule” reached the semi-finals in the Canadian Songwriting  Competition.  It is a great example of the uplifting and strong music that Open Strum creates.

Recent honors:
*Amour en majuscule –Semi-Finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Competition
*Lion’s Drum – Finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Competition

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Deserted Buildings in Montreal - April 14, 2017

This is the second installation of my photographs of deserted manufacturing and other disused buildings which I took while cycling in and around the southwest district of Montreal and the Old Port a few summers ago.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did photographing them.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Montreal's 1950s Conveyor Quay - April 09, 2018

These are photos I took a few years ago of Montreal's now deserted Conveyor Quay in the Old Port.  

"Transshipment of Grains - Montréal handled more grain in the 1920s than any other North American port.  Grain arriving from Western Canada was unloaded from ships and railcars to be cleaned, weighed, divided and temporarily stored.  Wheat, buckwheat, barley rye, oats, corn and flax were then loaded onto ships headed for Europe or onto trains bound for the U.S.

Conveyor Quay - Built in the 1950s, Montreal’s Conveyor Quay was the last port facility built in the former port area.  Its two mobile towers, of which only one remains, moved along rails.  The towers were connected to grain Elevator 1 by an underground conveyor used to remove grain from newly arrived ships. The Conveyor Tower is an outstanding monument to the Old Port’s industrial past.  While many of the original components remain (marine leg, buckets, hopper, vacuum pipe) it has been out of service for decades." - Public Post

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Maudie Michelle and Jimmie Manueva's "Stonerpop" - April 7, 2018

Stonerpop are a synthpop/electropsych duo from Louisiana.  The act is comprised of Jimmie Maneuva, from Shreveport and Maudie Michelle, from Idaho, - a couple who weave sounds as diverse as the cultures they represent. Maudie Michelle provides thought-provoking lyrics with her calming voice and quirky synth melodies. Her compositions interlock with the sonic assault of Jimmie Manueva's haunting backing vocals and groovy instrumentation.​ - Official Bio

With the recent digital and CD releases of their new album "Physical Business", followed-up by their official video "Headglow", Stonerpop are on a roll!

"Headglow" opens with a strong drum and bass beat, gliding its way through the song on Maudie's melodic keys and beautiful voice and ending with a cool guitar solo that grabs you when you least expect it. The Lego stop motion animation video and overlays are effective and work well with Maudie's straight-forward lyrics.

It looks like Stonerpop are making good on their promise to make the world a better place and I thank you for that!  

Take a look and have a listen:

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Powerplant IM - Once Upon A Crime Pt. 1, 2 & 3 - April 08, 2018

Shot, Edited, Composed & Sound Design by Vanwetswinkel Vincent Once Upon a Crime Parts 1, 2 & 3 Powerplant IM Special Thanks to Robin Decay

Merci à Ork Wurzel

Deutscsh Nepal - Entartete Musikk - April 08, 2018

“Former member of Swedish industrial cult band Njurmännen, Lina Baby Doll (real name Peter Andersson) set up his own musical project in 1991. Inspired by the classic Amon Düül II song of the same name, Deutsch Nepal started with a deep and fascinating industrial ambient sound, enriched by hypnotic rhythms, voice samples and repetitive structures. Debut came in 1992 with the "Deflagration Of Hell" tape on Sound Source, sublabel of Cold Meat Industry, which was later reprinted on CD by Staalplaat. First CD release was "Benevolence" in 1993. Through various releases on Staalplaat, Cold Meat Industry and Old Europa Cafe, Deutsch Nepal has evolved his sound into a deep dark ambient music. Lina Baby Doll is active with lots of other projects, such as Frozen Faces, Janitor and Bocksholm. He has his own record label called Entartete Musikk.” - Discogs

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Merci Ork Wurzel

Thursday, 5 April 2018

GodHatesGodRecords Anti f:Orm Compilation volume 4 - April 5, 2018

Please welcome GodHatesGod Records Anti f:Orm volume 4, a 25-track compilation from the free underground music netabel GodHates God Records.  Enjoy this intense and diverse experimental album curated and compiled by the Sylphides' Pat Masson, masterized by Hell Seb and artwork cover designed by Vdwig22.

Have a listen to my track "Antithéque" on GHGR Anti f:Orm volume 4.  Thanks to Pat Masson for inviting me to participate on this exciting project.

Photo © Vava Vol 2018

More links:

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Vava Vol and Eisenlager "Mitte Kreuzberg" on Studio 4632 Netlabel - April 04, 2018

Please welcome our second collaboration album "Mitte Kreuzberg" hosted by the prestigious Studio 4632 Netlabel.  While Eisenlager and I recorded our tracks in our respective studios, we communicated regularly on the progress being made.  While working on a blank aural canvas, we discussed our ideas and vision for the album and one day he asked me where I had lived while in West Berlin in the 80s.  I responded with "somewhere in the Mitte Kreuzberg district" and thus the tracks, album title and cover art collage came to life. 

It's such a pleasure to work with Eisenlager.  He's a fearless futurist, is beyond musically talented and is not lacking in the creative department.  Over the years we have worked together on numerous collaborations, developing a close friendship and professional relationship.  The plan is to continue on this journey. I'd like to thank you, Eisenlager, for being you.

I am very pleased  to be a part of the Studio 4632 Netlabel family and would also like to thank Candy L for her warm review of our album and for graciously hosting "Mitte Kreuzberg".  

Talks are underway for a fall album, so please stay tuned.


"This collaboration from Eisenlager and Vava Vol is some of the best experimental ambient electronic I have heard. Eisenlager has been on an incredibly creative roll.  He and Vava Vol have totally complementary styles on this one.  An excellent example of where music can go and still have us eagerly in tow.

This album is about movement, and people, and time, and memory.  A synaesthetic journey, done in a magical experimental style.  A chronology, maybe. I would say that the tracks are carefully placed in order, maintaining a nice balance between the tones and tempos. The album also incorporates threads of different styles nicely.  The overall feeling is mellow. A great listen.  A great album. Enjoy Mitte Kreuzberg!" - Candy L for Studio 4632

A fond memory of 1984 West Berlin

“I remember the moment I stepped off the train that late October night with my ten suitcases and entered Berlin’s Zoo Station.  The decades-old fluorescent lights cast an eerie yellow glow throughout the building and their constant, low electrical hum filled the air.  I could see, hear and feel the history in this place and little did I know this moment would stay with me forever.  This was my welcome to 1984 West Berlin.”  - Vava Vol’s 1980s Archives

Vava Vol & Eisenlager all compositions and music
Cover by Eisenlager

Eisenlager - Experimental sound artist since 2000

Vava Vol - Electronic music composer and musician

Photo by Vortex © 2017

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Craig Leon - American Composer and Producer - April 2, 2018

American composer and producer, who was responsible for the discovery and early development of such bands as the Talking Heads and the Ramones.  He runs the label Atlas Realisations - Discogs

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Monday, 2 April 2018

Rolf Trostel - Norwegian Synthesist - April 2, 2018

Brilliant, overlooked Norwegian synthesist whose 1982 albums Two Faces and Der Prophet were right up there with the likes of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig and the best of the Berlin school.  Two Faces, like his 1981 debut Inselmusik, was released on the German RP label and because of its undoubted excellence, Der Prophet was then picked up by noted Norwegian label Uniton (who also released Mark Shreeve's seminal Thoughts of War album).  - YouTube 

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Sven Grünberg (Estonia, 1981) - March 28, 2018

Sven Grünberg (born November 24, 1956) is an Estonian ambient and progressive rock composer and musician most known for his meditative organ and electronic works involving the concepts of Tibetan Buddhism.  He has collaborated with the film director Olav Neuland and written the soundtracks for the most of his films.

In the 1970s, Sven Grünberg was the leader of the progressive rock band Mess, which was founded by him in January 1974 together with Härmo Härm.  Despite the years of the band's existence and many live performances, Mess didn't release a sing studio album because of the contradictions of the musical style with the Soviet ideology:  only in 1996 Grünberg released a compilation from several survived Mess recordings and a full remastered album in 2004.  

Sven Grünberg is also the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Institute of Buddhism. - Discogs

Thanks to Ork Wurzel for this gem!
Copyrights to any photos remain vested with the original creator.