Friday, 6 July 2018

EISENLAGER - 36. Futurologischer Congress on Attenuation Circuit- July 6, 2018

Please welcome the latest release from Eisenlager, "36. Futurologischer Congress", hosted by the German net label Attenuation Circuit.  

Recorded by der schlachter at studio Glasklinge Zeitenlicht from 2016-2018, "36. Futurologischer Congress" is a 7-hour musical opus of the life and times of the German sound artist Eisenlager (aka Glasklinge Zeitenlicht).  This sound collage is broken out into 30 tracks and focuses on the most important and influential events he has experienced during his 50-odd years on earth.

Each track fits neatly with the other like a musical piece to this puzzle we know as Eisenlager. No easy feat putting music to memories on a grand scale like this, but keep in mind he is no ordinary man.

Unless you have worked with Eisenlager on his music projects or know him personally, the only clues to understanding his journey are the song titles and of course, the music.  This is a personal voyage into his public and sometimes privately emotional world manifested into the unique and distinct soundscapes only Eisenlager crafts. 

Especially poignant are Track 06, which pays hommage to his late friend Felix Flaucher of the 90s German electro band Silke Bischoff, and Track 25, which honors his late father who sadly passed away in October 2017.  

But you must listen for yourself in order to experience and appreciate "36. Futurologischer Congress" and the hidden treasures that lie deep within its music. 

Thank you Eisenlager for inviting me to be a part of this very special project.  It's always a pleasure working with you!

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