Monday, 9 April 2018

Montreal's 1950s Conveyor Quay - April 09, 2018

These are photos I took a few years ago of Montreal's now deserted Conveyor Quay in the Old Port.  

"Transshipment of Grains - Montréal handled more grain in the 1920s than any other North American port.  Grain arriving from Western Canada was unloaded from ships and railcars to be cleaned, weighed, divided and temporarily stored.  Wheat, buckwheat, barley rye, oats, corn and flax were then loaded onto ships headed for Europe or onto trains bound for the U.S.

Conveyor Quay - Built in the 1950s, Montreal’s Conveyor Quay was the last port facility built in the former port area.  Its two mobile towers, of which only one remains, moved along rails.  The towers were connected to grain Elevator 1 by an underground conveyor used to remove grain from newly arrived ships. The Conveyor Tower is an outstanding monument to the Old Port’s industrial past.  While many of the original components remain (marine leg, buckets, hopper, vacuum pipe) it has been out of service for decades." - Public Post

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