Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Vava Vol and Eisenlager "Mitte Kreuzberg" on Studio 4632 Netlabel - April 04, 2018

Please welcome our second collaboration album "Mitte Kreuzberg" hosted by the prestigious Studio 4632 Netlabel.  While Eisenlager and I recorded our tracks in our respective studios, we communicated regularly on the progress being made.  While working on a blank aural canvas, we discussed our ideas and vision for the album and one day he asked me where I had lived while in West Berlin in the 80s.  I responded with "somewhere in the Mitte Kreuzberg district" and thus the tracks, album title and cover art collage came to life. 

It's such a pleasure to work with Eisenlager.  He's a fearless futurist, is beyond musically talented and is not lacking in the creative department.  Over the years we have worked together on numerous collaborations, developing a close friendship and professional relationship.  The plan is to continue on this journey. I'd like to thank you, Eisenlager, for being you.

I am very pleased  to be a part of the Studio 4632 Netlabel family and would also like to thank Candy L for her warm review of our album and for graciously hosting "Mitte Kreuzberg".  

Talks are underway for a fall album, so please stay tuned.


"This collaboration from Eisenlager and Vava Vol is some of the best experimental ambient electronic I have heard. Eisenlager has been on an incredibly creative roll.  He and Vava Vol have totally complementary styles on this one.  An excellent example of where music can go and still have us eagerly in tow.

This album is about movement, and people, and time, and memory.  A synaesthetic journey, done in a magical experimental style.  A chronology, maybe. I would say that the tracks are carefully placed in order, maintaining a nice balance between the tones and tempos. The album also incorporates threads of different styles nicely.  The overall feeling is mellow. A great listen.  A great album. Enjoy Mitte Kreuzberg!" - Candy L for Studio 4632

A fond memory of 1984 West Berlin

“I remember the moment I stepped off the train that late October night with my ten suitcases and entered Berlin’s Zoo Station.  The decades-old fluorescent lights cast an eerie yellow glow throughout the building and their constant, low electrical hum filled the air.  I could see, hear and feel the history in this place and little did I know this moment would stay with me forever.  This was my welcome to 1984 West Berlin.”  - Vava Vol’s 1980s Archives

Vava Vol & Eisenlager all compositions and music
Cover by Eisenlager

Eisenlager - Experimental sound artist since 2000

Vava Vol - Electronic music composer and musician

Photo by Vortex © 2017

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